Youtube SEO Case Study

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About The Client 

Our client has a YouTube channel in the educational niche with over 2k subscribers. The channel is the ultimate collection of online earning tips and tricks. You can also find some tutorials on your favorite teacher. Our client is publishing videos regularly. But he can’t increase views. I helped grow his audience.

Brand Concerns:

Since our client is in the education niche, which is among the most competitive niches on YouTube, getting more views was quite challenging for me. At this point, I have to work hard for more views. He needs to optimize his existing videos. I also need to work on the short video for success. Despite these challenges, I brought up the YouTube view count for my client; let’s see how we did that.

 1. In-depth competitor analysis 

First, I performed a 360-degree competitor analysis for each video uploaded to the channel to evaluate titles, video descriptions, tags, thumbnails, transcripts, and more. This helped me identify areas that needed improvement and optimization, leading to higher view counts.

2. Optimizing the tags 

Video tags are keywords that help YouTube determine what your video is about So, when someone searches for words like your video tag, YouTube ranks your video above others. I analyzed the video tags of all the videos appearing on my client’s channel and found that most of them were inappropriate. So we optimized the tags according to each video knowing what users are looking for on the site.


3. End card optimization

Remember, you will get video suggestions for the last 5-20 seconds of a video called Youtube End Screen or End Cart. You can use these last carts to refer to videos that you think your audience will be interested in This way, you will get more views, subscribers, and traffic from each video So I created a more personalized end card according to the mood of the video. This has helped us provide an interactive and comprehensive experience to our visitors.

4. Inter-Linking Strategy in description

For more recommendations, I’ve created an interlinking strategy in the description section of the video. First, I created playlists according to different topics and different moods of people and linked them to appropriate videos so that users could easily find all the tutorials in that category. This helps keep users hooked to my client’s YouTube channel, and the more they engage with our content, the more our videos will be at the top of their feed.

5. A/B testing of thumbnails

The Thumbnails of our YouTube videos are the first impression viewers get when they view our channel on the search page. We tried different thumbnails for different periods of time to determine which one was liked more by viewers and which performed best.

6. Trying YouTube Shorts 

YouTube recently launched YouTube Shorts where creators can post short 60-second videos to their channel. Since it is quite new, the algorithm likes it a lot. So, we tried to create YouTube shorts for our client as well.

 I find the key moments of each video and make them into shorts so that viewers can connect with the channel After going through some filtering process around 1-2 shorts are uploaded daily where I analyze which types of shorts are performing well.

 I created more and more YouTube shorts to attract viewers to our channel and added a subscribe button at the end of each video to encourage them to take action.

 The Final Result 

Even without posting any new content, I increased the total number of views from 2.29k to 3.5k, an increase of about 53% in just one month. I always thought if we post content and work hard to optimize the previous ones; The results can be mind-blowing.

This case study is a real example of how you can earn subscribers and views for your YouTube channel. Even without posting any long-form content for a month. You just need to optimize the backend components. You can try it with me.


This is Saifur Rahman, a professional digital marketing consultant and B2B lead generation specialist with over 3 years of experience. I have already completed 100+ projects and got them more organic traffic and profits. Specialties: Advance B2B Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Youtube Video SEO,Channel Optimized 🏆 I help small businesses to grow their online presence by my activities , like Social media Marketing,Lead Generation Service.

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