Google Data Scrape Case Study

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Case Study of  caseyhall ’s (Google Data Scrape)

We collect 1k data for my Client

Profile Of my Client  :

Client’s Name:  caseyhall    (Fiverr name)

Category: Auto salvage yards, scrap yards, and towing companies

Client Demand: Client’s demand is To find qualified auto salvage yards, scrap yards, and towing companies that have an operating business and an office location. NOT SOMEONES HOME. He hired me to google scrape for collect names, phone numbers, addresses of various companies. I have collected  1000 or more leads Scrape  for her.

Client MassageScreenShort Include –

Objective: I have scraped data as per clients requirement. Such as name, job title, address, website and email id. I scraped 1k data about  Auto Salvage for this buyer. I have successfully completed the project of my buyer.

Project Budget : 55$

Project Time: Only 2 Days

Start Targeting: I  Scraped data from google as per client’s requirements . We used paid tools to Scrape data and  complete this project -such as,

Strategy We Followed :First, I have research her project And Completed the requirements. I have emphasized the need of the buyer to complete this project . So that buyer can benefit from my service.

Identify Online Presence Platform: I have always followed the instructions of a buyer online.    

Data Verification: Some email not valid because it is scrape

Client Feedback : I  gated good feedback from my client after completing the project.

Project Screenshot

Results: I have tried Quality Lead Generation for my client . and the client got a 1% bounce rate from my Scrape lead. The meeting conversion rate was 30%.  caseyhall” got  100 + sales from my lead


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